Day Care Center

Large/ Calm dogs welcome. Our Pet Day/Play Care Center is for older/quieter dogs. If your dog needs to run all day or is on the hyper side, our facility may not be right for you.

All Day Care guests are free to play and socialize, interacting in safe play groups with dogs of similar play styles. Older, quieter dogs are able to stay in a calm environment, lounging in soft beds, interacting with the staff or just laying around or under Nancy's desk!

Great for Housebreaking!
We are limited to 6 dogs at a time.
Day Care Hours:
Monday - Friday 8 AM to 6 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM
Day Care Rates
Full Day (over 5 hrs.) - $15.00
1/2 Day (under 5 hrs.) - $8.00
Power Walk & Play* - $5.00
All dogs staying more than 5 hours will be walked.
*15 minutes (weather permitting)
Extra Hours Care - $5.00
For salon pets that need to stay all day, are
dropped off more than half an hour before their scheduled
appointment or or are left more than an hour after the scheduled
pick up time, or notification that they are ready to be
picked up .